Sample of "No Rest" from the album "pluckblow" by Gerard McChrystal & Craig Ogden.

No Rest

A contemporary piece for saxophone and guitar, first performed by the aptly named duo “Pluck Blow”.
Schultheiss, Ulrich
Bb Sax & Guitar
4 minutes
8, 9



From the composer: “No Rest” had a long way up to the realisation. In the beginning I was not sure, which would be the most suitable woodwind instrument. A curious oboist when trying out suggested so many changes to me that the energy and joke of the piece were lost. My friend, a Canadian saxophonist helped me with a first version for soprano saxophone. Then I had the idea to rework the piece for a duo. When I told Gerard McChrystal about it, he was spontaneously inspired and asked for a version for soprano saxophone and guitar – he had the ideal duo partner in Craig Ogden. “No Rest” landed in excellent hands and is dedicated to the two brilliant interpreters.
Ulrich Schultheiss

From Gerard McChrystal: I have been a fan of Uli’s music since first hearing his fab work “Witch Hunt” on the the Sibelius music site. When I formed my new duo with guitarist Craig Ogden in 2003 Uli was one of the first composers I approached to get a new piece. As ever Uli obliged and “No Rest” was first performed at the British Saxophone Congress in the Birmingham Conservatoire on 13.2.05.

The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with the following parts:

Bb Saxophone

“No Rest” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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