Salome's Dance - Performed by Jane Elston (soprano saxophone) & Adam Morris (percussion).

Salome’s Dance

Classical, Contemporary, World/Ethnic
Exotic scales mix with dance rhythms to convey this timeless narrative.
Wilson, Jeffery
Bb Sax & Percussion
12 minutes



“Salome’s Dance” is in three movements:

  1. The Baptist
    Here John makes prophetic statements towards Herod and his Queen.

  2. The Seduction
    Salome dances to gain the head of the Baptist.

  3. Herod’s Madness
    The King’s fury at his murderous actions.

The premiere of “Salome’s Dance” was at the Cramphorn Theatre in Chelmsford in 2009, another performance followed at St Martin’s in the Fields in 2010 and several conservatoire and theatre performances have followed since.

The PDF bundle contains one file, a transposed score from which both players can play from. Two copies of this score may be printed for rehearsal and performance purposes.

The percussion required is:

  • 3 tuned drums (high, middle, low) played by hand or with stick
  • Bell tree or mark tree or similar
  • Foot bells (both feet)


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