What is Saxtet Publications?

Saxtet Publications (SXP) was established in 1990, and is a publishing company specialising in quality new sheet music for the saxophone. It is based in the UK and is run by saxophonists for saxophonists.

How do I buy your sheet music?
Please visit the catalogue section. You can find the piece you are looking for by using ‘search’ or browse the various sections.

Can I buy your music electronically?
Yes. All music through our site is purchased as a PDF download. We do not offer any hard-copy distribution. All our hard-copy distribution is made through June Emerson Wind Music.

How quickly will my PDFs be available?
Your music is available through your personal SXP account login as soon as your payment has been processed, and can be accessed again through your personal SXP account login up to 90 days after purchase. We allow up to 2 downloads in the 90 day period. Guidance on hard copy purchase delivery times can be found on the June Emerson website.

How do your ‘difficulty’ levels work?
Our difficulty levels correspond to ABRSM/TCL grades 1 – 8, with “9” equating to post-grade 8 repertoire suitable for diplomas and beyond. We would always recommend you view the sample PDF score as this may give you a better idea as to whether the music is suitable for you or your group!

I need a composer’s biography. How do I get them?

We have short biographies for all of the composers we publish. Take a look at the composer page on our site for a list of current biographies. You may use these without permission.

Where can I find programme notes?
Programme notes and descriptions are listed where available. You may use these notes without requesting permission. Composers year of birth and nationality are listed under their composer profiles.

Is it possible to hire parts?
We currently do not offer a hire service.

I have lost a part to a score that I purchased from you. Can I buy spare parts?
Yes. Spare PDF parts are available on request, and June Emerson Wind Music will also provide spare hardcopy parts on request. 

I’ve ordered your music from my local store and it still hasn’t arrived – what’s going on?!
Firstly, check that your store has actually placed the order. Certain traders may only order on one specific day of the week, so if you went in on Saturday, and they only order on Friday, you could be waiting 6 days before your store orders the title, and then the title may not be in till the Monday. The quickest way to receive hard copy music is to order directly from June Emerson Wind Music.

I’ve written/arranged a piece, can you publish it?
We will always consider quality new works, however any scores must be submitted in Sibelius or an open source music file format (.mxl for example). Please do not send scores in the post as they will not be returned.

Trade customers
Trade accounts are available on purchase of hard copy sheet music purchased through June Emerson Wind Music. To open an account please contact June Emerson Wind Music directly.

For any other questions, please email Tom at tom@saxtetpublications.com and he will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible!