Double Vision Duets

Contemporary, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Swing
Ten easy jazz and rock duets.
Gumbley, Chris
Eb Bb or Bb Bb or Eb Eb
12 minutes
3, 4, 5



These ten easy jazz and rock duets are definitely fun, but also provide plenty of material to get your teeth into. Articulations are marked out in full to encourage development of appropriate style and the challenges are distributed equally between the two parts. Useful for teachers wanting to introduce pupils to syncopation.

Double Vision Duets is arranged for two equal saxophones, or an alto and tenor saxophone duo.

The PDF E-Edition bundle comes with scores for both equal and mixed saxophones, and minus-one MP3 play-along tracks for use with Eb saxophones playing from the equal saxophones score, or to use with the mixed parts score playing the lower part on Bb saxophones.


  1. Music, Maestro, Please!
    Relaxed swing in rhythmic unison.
  2. Starting From … Now!
    Laconic, funky riffs drive a laid-back melody.
  3. Game Show Shuffle
    Perky swing.
  4. Come on Down!
    Light-footed rock with big dynamic contrasts.
  5. Don’t Try This At Home, Chris Gumbley
    A breezy melody for soap fans.
  6. Super, Smashing, Great!
    Insistent swing with some high notes for tenor.
  7. Didn’t He Do Well?
    Sunny lyricism.
  8. I’ll Have a ‘P’ Please
    Punchy swing.
  9. Somebody Has To Lose
    A serene, bell-like opening contrasts well with the shifting time signatures that follow.
  10. And On The Conveyer Belt Tonight
    Deliberately-paced funk perfectly evokes conveyor belt ennui.

“Double Vision Duets” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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