15 Crazy Jazz Studies

Bebop, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Swing
A fun way of exploring modern styles – one of our most popular titles.
Gumbley, Chris
Solo Sax
15 minutes
4, 5, 6, 7, 8



These fifteen studies provide a fun way of exploring modern style (e.g. funk, bebop and swing) with tips on techniques such as false fingerings and circular breathing. Concise notes help the player focus on the specific issues being explored in each study. One of our most popular titles!

  1. Bebop Bounce
    A lively bebop study in rhythmic transformation.
  2. Low Down
    A flowing study in changing time signatures and double density (or false) fingerings.
  3. Crazy Hepcats
    Bebop swing with exaggerated dynamics and accents. Wild!
  4. Captain Sensible
    Semitones, syncopation and changing key signatures, with hard bop thrown in.
  5. Reed Fever
    Punchy swing with off-beats.
  6. In the Groove
    Relaxed and cool, with emphasized off-beat rhythms.
  7. Merry-go-Round
    Fast swing with rapid modulations. A great work-out for reading accidentals.
  8. Slim ‘n’ Slam
    Incorporating jazz ornaments without disturbing the flow of the relaxed swing.
  9. D. D. D. (Double Density Disorder)
    A challenging funk work-out using double density (false) fingerings.
  10. Fourth Attempt
    Solid swing with crotchet triplets.
  11. Tough Guys
    Funky, hard-toned rock.
  12. Don’t Waste Your Breath
    A lyrical study in breath control and irregular time signatures.
  13. Phrased Out
    Irregular jazz phrasing and ghosting.
  14. Funky Monkey
    Punchy funk with attitude!
  15. Small Change
    A study in managing changes of time signature and rhythmic confidence.


Titles from “15 Crazy Jazz Studies” included on exam syllabi:

TCL Jazz Saxophone (valid from November 2022)

  • Bebop Bounce or Low Down or In the Groove – Grade 5 (Eb & Bb)
  • Crazy Hepcats or Reed Fever or Funky Monkey – Grade 6 (Eb & Bb)
  • Merry-Go-Round or Fourth Attempt or Tough Guys! – Grade 7 (Eb & Bb)
  • D.D.D. (Double Density Disorder) – Grade 8 (Eb & Bb)

Please check the latest exam syllabi for exam updates & amendments. 

“15 Crazy Jazz Studies” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.

1 review for 15 Crazy Jazz Studies

  1. tom.saxtet (verified owner)

    There are several new study books for saxophones being published but Chris Gumbley’s 15 Crazy Jazz Studies is one of the best. The numbers within are enjoyable, instructive, varied in style and accessible to all age groups. There are no difficult page turns and the player has the added bonus of a few tips on how to play each piece.
    Clarinet and Saxophone, Autumn 1996

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