Three Contemporary Duets

Three duets in contrasting idioms and moods, suitable for accomplished players. Ideal for study purposes or concert pieces.
Wood, Nigel
Eb Bb or Bb Eb or Bb Bb or Eb Eb
5 minutes
6, 7, 8



Three Contemporary Duets is arranged for:

  • Two equal saxophones, e.g. two altos
  • Eb & Bb saxophones, e.g. alto & tenor
  • Bb & Eb saxophones, e.g. soprano & baritone

The PDF E-Edition bundle comes with scores for both equal and mixed saxophones, and minus-one MP3 play-along tracks for use with Eb saxophones playing from the equal saxophones score.


  1. Swanky
    A duet with swagger and hypnotic rhythmic ostinato.
  2. Elegy
    Expressive and lyrical duet in a classical style.
  3. Virtual Velocity
    Minimalism meets moto perpetuo!

“Three Contemporary Duets” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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