Spic + Spanish - excerpt from ABRSM CD - performed by Amy Dickson.

Street Beats

Baroque, Classical, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Swing, Various
10 contrasting studies covering a wide range of styles from Baroque pastiche through folk and jazz to funk.
Street, Karen
Solo Sax
10 minutes
3, 4, 5, 6



These ten approachable and contrasting studies cover a wide range of styles from Baroque pastiche through folk and jazz to funk. They explore an imaginative variety of tempi, articulations and registers and present plenty of rhythmic and fingering challenges.

Like all Karen Street’s music, they are thoroughly satisfying to play and allow plenty of scope for self-expression beyond the technical demands.


  1. Á la Gavotte
    Baroque elegance on the sax.
  2. Leaps & Bounds
    Bouncy swing and big intervals.
  3. Folk Dance
    A vigorous dance with double density (false) fingerings and irregular time signatures.
  4. A Little Piece
    A wistful exercise in breath control and phrasing.
  5. Spic & Spanish
    A colourful contrast between vigorous staccato and senuous legato.
  6. Like it or Not?
    Improvisatory and wild, with big leaps, off-beat rhythmsand flutter tongueing.
  7. Reel Time
    An exuberant test of breath control and stamina.
  8. Watch It!
    Bright swing with dramatic dynamics.
  9. Romance
    Romantic lyricism with slurred intervals that test the embouchure.
  10. Party Time
    Buoyant and snappy, with testing off-beat semiquavers.

Titles from “Street Beats” included on exam syllabi:

ABRSM Saxophone (valid from 2022)

  • Á la Gavotte – Grade 4 (Eb & Bb) – included in Saxophone Exam Pieces from 2022 (published by ABRSM)
  • Folk Dance – Grade 6 (Eb & Bb)

TCL Saxophone (valid from November 2022)

  • A Little Piece – Grade 4 (Eb & Bb)
  • Romance or Like it or Not? – Grade 6 (Eb & Bb)
  • Reel Time or Party Time- Grade 7 (Eb & Bb)

TCL Jazz Saxophone (valid from November 2022)

  • Leaps & Bounds – Grade 5 (Eb & Bb)
  • Watch It! or Party Time – Grade 6 (Eb & Bb)

Please check the latest exam syllabi for exam updates & amendments. 

“Street Beats” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.

2 reviews for Street Beats

  1. tom.saxtet

    Street Beats is a collection of ten contrasting studies by Karen Street. They cover a wide range of styles such as Baroque, folk, jazz and funk. The studies are well written and attractive, with appropriate titles. There is plenty to capture the imagination of saxophone students and it is good to see a couple of these studies featuring as set pieces in graded examinations. A la Gavotte, for example, is currently set for ABRSM grade four.
    Carol Taylor, Clarinet & Saxophone, Summer 2002

  2. tom.saxtet

    …a good volume of well-constructed pieces…. A most enjoyable book with plenty of varied music written in an appealing style for the more able pupil
    Clarinet and Saxophone, Autumn 1997

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