Stepping Out – Ten Easy Duets

Ballad, Bebop, Blues, Classical, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Swing
Ten easy duets, ideal for grade 1-3 players!
Penman, Alastair
Bb Bb or Eb Eb + optional piano
9 minutes
1, 2, 3



These Ten Easy Duets are in a variety of styles and ideally suited to players from grade 1-3.

These duets are for two equal saxophones, i.e. two altos or two tenors.

Duets 1-3 are grade 1, duets 4-6 are grade 2, and 7-10 are grade 3.

These are ideal for both lessons and performances, and both parts are around the same level of difficulty.
The piano accompaniment is optional, and two versions are included in the piano accompaniment bundle, one for Eb saxophones and another for Bb saxophones.

The PDF E-Edition bundle comes with a score for equal saxophones, and minus-one MP3 play-along tracks for use with Eb saxophones as follows:
– just the alto saxophone 2 part
– just the piano part
– just the alto saxophone 2 with piano


  1. Drifting By
  2. Stepping Out
  3. Bluesin’
  4. Bouncin’
  5. Sailing
  6. Riffin’
  7. High Wire
  8. Roll Up!
  9. Clouds
  10. Strolling

Titles from “Stepping Out” included on exam syllabi:

ABRSM Saxophone (valid from 2022)

  • No.2, Stepping Out – Grade 1 (Eb & Bb)
  • No.5, Sailing – Grade 2 (Eb & Bb)

TCL Saxophone (valid from November 2022)

  • No.1, Drifting By – Grade 1 (Eb & Bb)
  • No.2, Stepping Out – Grade 2 (Eb & Bb)
  • No.3, Bluesin’ or No.4, Bouncin’ – Grade 3 (Eb & Bb)

Please check the latest exam syllabi for updates and amendments.

“Stepping Out” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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