Moving On

Ballad, Classical, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Swing
Six duets for students who are “Moving On”!
Penman, Alastair
Bb Bb or Eb Eb
14 minutes
3, 4



These six duets are ideal for intermediate level saxophonists, or for teachers wishing to explore ensemble playing with their students.

The PDF E-Edition bundle comes with a score for equal saxophones, and minus-one MP3 play-along tracks for use with Eb saxophones playing the upper part.


  1. Avenue One
    A driving rock number with optional improvisation.
  2. The Orange Tree
    A lyrical ballad for working on your legato playing.
  3. Byrd Walk
    A medium swing number with optional improvisation.
  4. Turpin’s Way
    A grooving funk style piece with lots of interesting rhythms to get stuck into!
  5. The Glade
    A gentle sicilienne.
  6. Broadway Gardens
    An upbeat latin number with a mixture of solo and soli sections.

“Moving On” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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