MP3 – Shetland Sequence

From “Sax to the Max!”
National Sax Choir
Sax Ensemble
2 minutes 7 seconds



From the National Sax Choir’s “Sax to the Max” album.

Original album description:

The National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain is a high-energy ensemble of up to twenty musicians, with a mission to encourage new writing for the sax and to introduce audiences to a sound that is rich, resonant and unimaginably awesome.

At the heart of their strategy lies a very special and spectacular family of eight saxes. Soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes are relatively familiar. The pint-sized sopranino and majestic bass are rarely seen siblings but the unprecedented combination that makes the Choir unique is the mighty contrabass and the minuscule soprillo.

This is the Choir’s second CD and includes many highlights of the 2006/7 season, plus Richard Payne’s gripping Concerto, especially arranged for the Choir and its lead alto player, Catherine Evison. Nigel Wood and his soprillo are featured in Waltzing Soprillda, Philip Buttall’s colourful piece based on a very well known tune.


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