Mrs Malcolm, Her Reel (Funky Freuchie)

Folk, Funk, Jazz
A breathless reel, driven by a funky bass section.
Ingham, Richard
(Sp) Sn/S/A . S/A . S/A . AAA . A/T . A/T . A/T . BB . B/Bs (Cb) + bodhran/floor tom
4 minutes
6, 7



Mrs Malcolm was commissioned in 2004 by University of St Andrews, for jazz orchestra, but has since been performed in several different versions throughout Britain and Europe. It begins with a breathless reel which is supported by a funky, insistent bass line. The texture opens out for soloists with backing riff, before the reel makes a triumphant return. Interestingly Mrs Malcolm is a colleague of the composer at the University St Andrew’s, and Freuchie is a village close to Edinburgh, renowned for its cricket team if not its funkiness.

“Mrs Malcolm, Her Reel” is also published as a saxophone octet, also available from Saxtet Publications.

The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with the following parts:

Standard parts
Soprano Saxophone 1 (alternative to Sopranino & Alto Saxophone 4)
Soprano Saxophone  2 (alternative to Alto Saxophone 5)
Soprano Saxophone 3 (alternative to Alto Saxophone 6)
Alto Saxophone 1
Alto Saxophone 2
Alto Saxophone 3
Tenor Saxophone 1 (alternative to Alto Saxophone 7)
Tenor Saxophone 2 (alternative to Alto Saxophone 8)
Tenor Saxophone 3 (alternative to Alto Saxophone 9)
Baritone Saxophone 1
Baritone Saxophone 2
Baritone Saxophone 3 (alternative to Bass Saxophone)
Percussion (Bodhran or Floor Tom)

Alternative & optional parts
Soprillo Saxophone (optional)
Sopranino Saxophone (alternative to Soprano Saxophone 1 & Alto Saxophone 4)
Alto Saxophone 4 (alternative to Soprano Saxophone 1 & Sopranino)
Alto Saxophone 5 (alternative to Soprano Saxophone 2)
Alto Saxophone 6 (alternative to Soprano Saxophone 3)
Alto Saxophone 7 (alternative to Tenor Saxophone 1)
Alto Saxophone 8 (alternative to Tenor Saxophone 2)
Alto Saxophone 9 (alternative to Tenor Saxophone 3)
Bass Saxophone (alternative to Baritone Saxophone 3)
Contrabass Saxophone (optional)

“Mrs Malcolm, Her Reel (Funky Freuchie)” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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