Mister Chief

Jazz, Latin
A highly imaginative, jazz-orientated journey.
Davies, Stephen
Bb Sax & Piano
6 minutes



This work for soprano and piano is aimed at accomplished instrumentalists, who enjoy the cut and thrust of an ever-changing chord sequence.

It provides a highly imaginative, jazz-orientated journey through latin and cool, fireworks and ballad towards a driving rhythmic riff and an improvised section.

The two parts work in tandem to create an exciting and challenging addition to the repertoire and would provide an excellent introduction to a more sophisticated jazz idiom for skilled and adventurous players who may not be especially familiar with the genre.

The E-Edition PDF bundle includes a Bb saxophone part and piano accompaniment.

“Mister Chief” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.

1 review for Mister Chief

  1. tom.saxtet

    When I see any composition by Stephen Davies I expect to be in for a lot of notes and Mister Chief did not disappoint. This funky new work is for soprano and piano and like many new works is a jazz style. This is a demanding, though well written work. Most of the passages, except for bar 56, will fit nicely under the fingers… eventually. It is around grade eight plus standard and would require a pianist of equal ability. There is an improvised section in the middle of the piece. Works like Mister Chief once again challenge the notion that the saxophone is either a classical or jazz instrument and for that alone is to be recommended.
    Gerard McChrystal – Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine, Summer 2006

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