Bebop, Jazz
An etude with attitude for solo sax.
Davies, Stephen
Solo Sax
3 minutes
8, 9



This is one of three works, for flute (“Flutetics”), clarinet (“Clarinetics”) and saxophone (“Saxtetics”), which are all bravura explorations of the instruments’ technique.

This is the full version of a more compact study that won the 2001 Saxtet Publications “Sax Scorchers” competition.

“Saxtetics” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.

1 review for Saxtetics

  1. tom.saxtet

    One of the great sax studies. I prefer putting an A to Bflat trill on the top A but everything else is superb. A great bit of thinking.
    T Wallace, 20th November 2012

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