Sample of "March of the Baritonettes" - performed by the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain.

March of the Baritonettes

Classical, Contemporary, Jazz
Q: What do Gounod, Sonny Rollins and Looney Tunes have in common? A: March of the Baritonettes!
Gounod, C
BBBB/4 equal/AATB
3 minutes



Commissioned by the Quattraphonium Saxophone Quartet of New York, the brief to Nigel Wood was to arrange Gounod’s “March of the Marionettes” for four baritones, and to throw in a dash of Sonny Rollins’ “Airegin” and Looney Tunes on the way.

This improbable combination gave rise to something zany, exuberant and irresistible (of course!), but this little musical frolic is still tight, coherent and punchy.

The introductory performance direction – “With a sense of humour” – says it all.

The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with the following parts:

Standard parts
Baritone Saxophone 1 (or Alto Saxophone 1)
Baritone Saxophone 2 (or Alto Saxophone 2)
Baritone Saxophone 3 (alternative to Tenor Saxophone)
Baritone Saxophone 4

Alternative parts
Tenor Saxophone (alternative to Baritone Saxophone 3)

“March of the Baritonettes” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.

1 review for March of the Baritonettes

  1. tom.saxtet

    This one works best with four baris. It starts with the famous Alfred Hitchcock theme tune which leads into a swing section by Sonny Rollins. As the title suggests it is very Tongue-in-cheek and would be an entertaining addition to a concert. With four baris to lug around I’m glad that this one wasn’t around when I was touring with Saxtet!
    Gerard McChrystal – Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine, Summer 2006

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