Duende, Romance & Farewell Waltz

Ballad, Jazz, Various
A charming trilogy of jazz-influenced pieces, as featured on Nigel Wood’s “Soprillogy” album.
Rickards, Craig
Bb & Eb Sax & Piano
12 minutes
7, 8



These three contrasting jazz-influenced pieces make great programme music both individually and as a set.

The E-Edition PDF bundle includes Bb and Eb saxophone parts and piano accompaniment. The Bb part included is as played by Nigel Wood on “Soprillogy”.


  1. Duende
    Fun, funky and care-free
  2. Romance
    A melancholy jazz ballad
  3. Farewell Waltz
    A jazz tinged waltz

“Duende, Romance & Farewell Waltz” is also available from June Emerson Wind Music.

1 review for Duende, Romance & Farewell Waltz

  1. tom.saxtet

    Accessible for performers and audiences, this trilogy works well as a set or as individual concert items. Satisfying for both pianist and saxophonist, each piece is delightfully programmatic, making great use of the expressive voices of the saxophone. A great addition to the repertoire.
    Nicola Pennill, saxophonist, 16th October 2009

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