Dowd’s Favourite

Country, Folk, Traditional
Infuriatingly infectious little tune – a traditional Irish reel with a real swing in its step
Crockford, James
(Eb) 6xBb (Bb) Acl/Bcl . Bcl/EbCa/BbCb
3 minutes



“Dowd’s Favourite” is an infuriatingly infectious little tune. It is a traditional Irish reel with a real swing in its step, and this arrangement feels rather like the ensemble has stumbled into a little Irish country tavern to join the merriment!  The clarinet has a tone ripe for folk-tinged expression, so is well-suited to jigs and reels such as this one. All the players get a part of the frolicking melody, so the fun is shared around.

The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with the following parts:

Standard parts
Clarinet in Bb 1
Clarinet in Bb 2
Clarinet in Bb 3
Clarinet in Bb 4
Clarinet in Bb 5
Clarinet in Bb 6
Bass Clarinet in Bb 1 (alternative to Alto Clarinet in Eb)
Bass Clarinet in Bb 2 (alternative to Contrabass Clarinet/ContraAlto Clarinet)

Alternative & optional parts
Clarinet in Eb (optional)
Clarinet in Bb 7 (optional)
Alto Clarinet in Eb (alternative to Bass Clarinet 1 in Bb)
Contrabass Clarinet in Bb (alternative to ContraAlto Clarinet in Eb)
ContraAlto Clarinet in Eb (alternative to Contrabass Clarinet in Bb)


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