Contemporary, Jazz
A full workout.
Davies, Stephen
Solo Clarinet
10 minutes
8, 9



This is one of three works, for flute (“Flutetics”), clarinet (“Clarinetics”) and saxophone (“Saxtetics”), which are all bravura explorations of the instruments’ technique. This piece imaginatively exploits many of the tricks and devices available to the clarinettist, and the music incorporates many complex and colourful phrases that provide the competent player plenty to think about both musically and technically over many practise sessions.

  1. The Full Work-Out
    The first movement is an out and out virtuosic exercise that will challenge the skills of even the most adept player. Along with the many practise-provoking phrases, the skilful use of grace notes and huge interval leaps attempt to give the impression of more than one player but at the same time provide the solo player with a most satisfying end result.
  2. A Well Earned-Rest
    The second movement is much more relaxed with a free and easy tempo, employing a whole tone theme, molto espressivo, which eventually fades away to nothing.
  3. The Drive Home
    Evokes that manic drive home – no service stops en route! Inspirational for aspiring jazzers who manage to reach the final destination.


“Clarinetics” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.

1 review for Clarinetics

  1. tom.saxtet

    Three contrasting movements – The Full Work Out, A Well Earned Rest and The Drive Home – speak for themselves in terms of tempo and mood; some great, challenging and enjoyable jazzy improvisational style pieces for those who have the required technique! (Grade 8+).
    Music News, Wood Wind & Reed, May 2002

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