A Trio of Trios

Ballad, Contemporary, Funk, Jazz
Three original, accessible and fun trios!
Penman, Alastair
S/A . A . A/T
5 minutes



A Trio of Trios is a set of three varied and fun trios aimed at beginning and intermediate students. Flexible parts are provided to cater for an array of different lineups making this a perfect set of pieces to have on hand for schools/music services/amateur ensembles.

A Trio of Trios is ideally suited to three alto saxophones, however alternative parts are provided to allow players to use the following combinations: AAT, SAT, SAA, or any three equal saxophones.

The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with the following parts:

Standard parts
Alto Saxophone 1 (alternative to Soprano Saxophone)
Alto Saxophone 2
Alto Saxophone 3 (alternative to Tenor Saxophone)

Alternative parts
Soprano Saxophone (alternative to Alto Saxophone 1)
Tenor Saxophone (alternative to Alto Saxophone 3)


  1. Keeping On
  2. Fully Funktional
  3. Five Alive


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