Street Collection 2

Classical, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Swing, Traditional
The follow-up to Street Collection!
Street, Karen
S/A . A . A/T . T/B
17 minutes
3, 4, 5



Another great collection of saxophone quartets from Karen Street.

As per the original “Street Collection”, this book will be an invaluable resource for younger and beginner quartets because all the titles help develop ensemble skills (rhythmic tightness, phrasing, dynamic control and so on) but are also musically interesting and suitable for performance. Ideally suited to three altos and a tenor, the flexibility of format will make the pieces especially attractive to teachers and others faced with non-standard combinations of saxes.


  1. Reel Deal
  2. Scarborough Fair
  3. Bobby Shafto
  4. Sonatine C-dur
  5. Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
  6. Midnight Blue

The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with the following:

Standard parts
Alto Saxophone 1 (alternative to Soprano Saxophone)
Alto Saxophone 2
Alto Saxophone 3 (alternative to Tenor Saxophone 2)
Tenor Saxophone 1 (alternative to Baritone Saxophone)

Alternative parts
Soprano Saxophone (alternative to Alto Saxophone 1)
Tenor Saxophone 2 (alternative to Alto Saxophone 3)
Baritone Saxophone (alternative to Tenor Saxophone 1)

“Street Collection 2” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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