Sample from Saxtet's album, "Safer Sax".

Pressed & Dried

Ballad, Blues
Smoochy, bluesy and moody ballad inspired by lyrics by Heather Wastie.
Wood, Nigel
Bb or Eb Sax & Piano
4 minutes



This piece was originally written as a song, with lyrics by Heather Wastie which were adapted as the piece developed. It concerned the feelings of someone who had been continually hounded by the press. Its origins mean that it needs to be vocalized, and should be performed preferably in a blues singing style. Pressed & Dried was recorded on the CD – ‘Safer Sax’.

The E-Edition PDF bundle includes Bb and Eb saxophone parts and piano accompaniment.

‘Pressed & Dried’ is included in the following exam syllabus:

TCL Jazz Saxophone – Grade 6 (Eb & Bb) – valid from November 2022

Please check the latest exam syllabi for updates and amendments.

Pressed & Dried by Heather Wastie

There’s a stranger
At my door
Don’t think I can take it
Any more
I never asked you to come here like you do
Now you’ve found me out
The story’s true
So what’s new?

Take your snap-shots
Show it all
Choose your headlines
Have a ball
And when it’s over and there’s nothing left to hide
Torn and twisted, you’ve squeezed me dry
They believe what they read
Truth or lies
So blatantly exposing me
Can’t you see?

Pressed and dried
On display
Caught and tried
Made to pay

There’s another stranger
At my door
Living on my doorstep
Knows the score
And as I watch you from my darkened room and cry
It makes me wonder why, oh why
They believe what they read
Truth or lies
So blatantly exposing me
Why choose me?

1 review for Pressed & Dried

  1. tom.saxtet

    Pressed and Dried is a lovely blues-idiom song in a simple style, with the instruction that both parts may be freely interpreted if the players so wish. I found this piece soul-searching and a little melancholy, though beautiful.
    Clarinet and Saxophone, Spring 1995

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