Parting - Performed by Dom Lawson (alto saxophone) & Nigel Wood (clarinet).


Ballad, Classical, Contemporary
An elegiac lament.
Wood, Nigel
Bb or Eb Sax or Flute or Clarinet & Piano
2 minutes



“Parting” is not only playable as a piece for solo instrument & piano, but also as a duet with piano accompaniment.

The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with Bb and Eb saxophone parts, flute and clarinet parts for both the main melody and the optional duet part, and the piano accompaniment.

All these parts are compatible with one another and interchangable. Therefore, you could, for example play “Parting” with an Eb alto sax playing the main melody, and a flute playing the optional duet part.

“Parting” is dedicated to the memory of Stephen Rix and Elwin Griffith.

“Parting” is included in the following exam syllabus:

TCL Saxophone – Grade 4 (Eb & Bb) – valid from December 2022

Please check the latest exam syllabi for updates and amendments.

“Parting” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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