Guildhall Saxophone Studies: Vol.1 – Air & Sound

Classical, Contemporary, Various
Christian Forshaw’s definitive method to developing your “Saxophone Playing System”.
Forshaw, Christian
Solo Sax
0 minutes



Christian Forshaw’s saxophone method book is designed to assist the saxophonist in developing an effective ‘system’ for playing the instrument with control, flexibility and ease. By working through these studies you will be putting your playing under the microscope and asking how adjustments to your system affect the sound you make and the way the instrument responds. The studies are designed to develop the saxophone system through the player’s own practice and investigation. An effective system will liberate the player to focus on making music, with the ability to move between all styles of music with clear understanding of how to adapt the sound as appropriate.

“Air & Sound” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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