All Styles

Twelve pieces for the beginner saxophonist.
Fielding, Mark
Bb or Eb Sax & Piano
15 minutes
2, 3, 4



All Styles was written to introduce saxophonists to a wide range of musical styles. Written with the beginner saxophonist in mind, these pieces are both stylish and accessible.


  1. Kalenda Maya – the 1st of May
    From a 12th century melody.
  2.  Two Part Intention
    Elegant counterpoint.
  3. Classic Minuet
    A gentle Mozartian dance.
  4.  Tango
    A lively and dramatic dance inspired by Argentina.
  5.  A Sad Song
    An expressive ballad in 3/4.
  6.  Boogie Woogie Sleigh Ride
    A bluesy boogie boogie!
  7.  Jazz Waltz
    A medium tempo expressive waltz.
  8. Betty’s Blues 
    A swinging blues with a walking bass.
  9.  Haunted Harry Herrold’s House 
    A spooky walk-around…
  10. The Alley Cat 
    A slow slinky samba.
  11. Floating Clouds 
    Almost minimalist.
  12. Just In Time
    Changing time signatures abound.


The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with Bb and Eb saxophone parts and piano accompaniment.

Titles from “All Styles” included on exam syllabi:

ABRSM Saxophone (valid from 2022)

  • Tango – Grade 4 (Eb & Bb) – included in Saxophone Exam Pieces from 2022 (published by ABRSM)

Please check the latest exam syllabi for exam updates & amendments. 

“All Styles” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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