Flute Solo Sheet Music

We have some beautiful and challenging flute solo sheet music here for you.

Six Exotic Studies by Nigel Wood is a fantastic collection of flute solos inspired by Nigel’s world travels. They begin around grade 6 standard with the Caribbean inspired Jab Jab. With music inspired from across the globe, you will find something here to inspire you.

Flutetics is an extremely virtuosic piece of solo flute music and an incredible addition to any flute recital. This is something that will challenge your flute playing to the limit!

We are constantly looking to add new flute solo sheet music to our catalogue. If you’ve written something that you think needs publishing, get in touch!

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Flute Solo Music

Our flute solo music collection is small but select!

If you’re looking for a jazz-based piece to mix up your flute solo repertoire, then check out Flutetics. There’s plenty for you to be working on here, with flutter-tonguing, spit-tonguing and growling included! 

Another solo flute work that you may not have seen in your standard repertoire lists is Six Exotic Studies. Nigel Wood has included musical influences from the Caribbean, the Far-East and Middle-East, and more. This eclectic mix has technical challenges as well as lots of scope for musical expressiveness. 

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