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Composer Guidelines

One of SXP's objectives is to encourage high quality and well crafted new writing for saxophones, clarinet, flute and oboe.

To ensure that we will consider your work, please check that it complies with the following guidelines. Please note that compliance does not guarantee publication.

  1. Your work must be for:

    • solo saxophone(s)/clarinet/flute/oboe (including studies, duets, trios, solo instrument & piano, concertos, solo instrument and string quartet, or other works featuring the sax/clarinet/flute/oboe, e.g. soprano sax and harp, flute and organ).
    • saxophone/clarinet/flute/oboe ensemble (e.g. sax quartet, sax quintet, sax choir, flute choir, clarinet quartet, etc).
  2. Submitted scores must be your own work, not in print with another publisher, and not be subject to any copyright restrictions. If it is an arrangement of your own original work for other instruments, you must state this clearly.

    We also publish arrangements. We will not publish duplicates of arrangements already in the catalogue.

  3. Music must be submitted in Sibelius 7.5 or earlier. We only require scores at this stage. The score must be in finished, not draft form (i.e. with all dynamics, articulation and other performance directions clearly legible). Incomplete or indecipherable scores will not be considered.

    Good playback quality is essential for our initial assessment.

    Scores which are not in Sibelius will not be considered under any circumstances.

  4. We will only consider scores which are submitted by email. (It is essential that you are able to communicate regularly via e-mail and have internet access as our publishing procedure is done exclusively on-line).

    Scores submitted by post or other means will not be considered and will not be returned.

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