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CD recording

Genres: Ballad, Baroque, Classical, Contemporary, Folk, Jazz, Swing, Various, World/Ethnic

Audio Samples

 Duende (MP3)
by Craig Rickards for Soprillo & Piano

 Where Spirits & Demons Dance (MP3)
by Nigel Wood for Soprillo & Piano

 I Dance for You (MP3)
by Karen Street for Soprillo & Accordion

 Milina (MP3)
by Igor Krivokapic for Soprillo & Harp

 Waltzing Soprillda (MP3)
by Philip R Buttall for Soprillo & Piano

 Schwarzer Tänzer (MP3)
by Nigel Wood for Soprillo & Accordion

 A Matter of Life and Death (MP3)
by Jonathan Taylor for Soprillo & Piano

 Song for Vinny (MP3)
by Nigel Wood for Soprillo & Piano

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