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The world's first all Soprillo CD.

Nigel Wood is the foremost pioneer of the world's tiniest saxophone, the Soprillo. Developed by the applauded German woodwind engineer Benedikt Eppelsheim, the Soprillo sounds a full octave above the soprano and was initially taken up by Nigel to complete the range of saxes represented in the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain. It soon became clear that the Soprillo was potentially much more than an ensemble instrument, so Nigel commissioned Philip Buttall to write a piece that would showcase its agility and pathos, Waltzing Soprillda (Track 6). This received a standing ovation at the 2006 World Saxophone Congress in Slovenia, and gradually the confidence grew to plan, compose and arrange an entire album of Soprillo-specific works. Nigel's only criterion for including an item was that he liked it, making this a highly personal CD, and one that defies categorization.

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67 min, 7 sec

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