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Genres: Classical, Contemporary


Andy Tweed is a visiting tutor at Birmingham Conservatoire and one of the most accomplished saxophonists inhabiting that ground between classical and jazz. Here his talents are showcased, with expert accompaniment from Jonathan Taylor, on five works ranging from 1930-2005. He opens with jazz saxophonist Phil Woods' Sonata for Alto Sax and piano, and then goes up a saxophone for Nigel Wood's Cries of the Stentor. He switches to baritone for Hans Koller's new work written specially for this record and which gives it its title. It has a spaced depth calling for some definite shifts of timbre as well as exploring the outer reaches, both high and low, of the big saxophone's range. But in among these are the real treats in my book: the 1930 Hot Sonata for Alto Sax and Piano by Erwin Schulhoff, and Paul Bonneau's 1944 Piece Concertante dans L'Esprit Jazz, also for alto and piano. Tweed has such fun doing justice to their full blown jazz era camp tendencies while exhibiting their unashamed honesty and delight in pure music, whether classical, jazz, cabaret or vaudeville, that he makes them compelling and richly rewarding to listen to.
Peter Bacon , 25 Jan 2006

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