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Hoe Down

saxophone quartet edition

Genres: Classical, Contemporary, Country, Folk
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Hoe Down


From the composer: "This piece, Hoe Down exists in various formats, Sax Ensemble, Sax Quartet, Flute Quartet, Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Quartet and Wind Orchestra. It is a short fun piece, the sort of piece that wind players like to play, without too many technical demands to get in the way of having fun and a good blow. It would make a very good encore piece at the end of a concert."

Edition Notes

The PDF bundle comes complete with score & parts, and also included are a set of MP3 minus-one tracks, enabling you to rehearse the quartet remotely, or play along with a quartet if you don't have one! Also included is an MP3 of a full performance. All tracks were recorded by Alastair Penman.

Click on the media tab above to watch a full performance of the sax quartet version of "Hoe Down", performed by Alastair Penman.


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2 min, 30 sec

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