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Old Songs for New Saxes

saxophone quartet edition

Genres: Contemporary, Funk, Jazz, Pop
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Old Songs for New Saxes


An original work for saxophone quartet in three movements:
1. Magic Glow - Upbeat, full of riffs
2. Missing You - Reflective & lyrical
3. How Can You Laugh? - Driving & funky


s a t b


8 min

Performance Notes

From the composer:
This suite of three pieces, Magic Glow, Missing You and How can you laugh? was written during May 2020 although the source material came from songs that I had written many years before. They came to light while I was copying old manuscripts onto the computer before throwing the paper away. I’d started a saxophone quartet based on How can you laugh? a while ago and, having finally had a chance to finish it, I added the other two movements. The songs were all pretty accessible in style and it was a matter of making them work for the saxophones and ensuring that everyone had something interesting to play.

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