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10 Studies in Counterpoint for Two Saxophones

saxophone duet edition

Genres: Baroque, Classical
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10 Studies in Counterpoint for Two Saxophones


Composer's note:
This book aims to confront different technical difficulties whilst providing the pleasure in playing something musical.
The duets that are included in this book has been written in a musical style distant from our modern times (at least 300 years or more).
I believe that this type of music educates students in melody, rhythm and harmony; all necessary for a solid musical education.
Gabriel Santecchia, Buenos Aires, February 2020

Edition Notes

The E-Edition PDF bundle comes complete with score and the following backing tracks:
Upper part only, on Alto for all 10 studies.
Lower part only, on Baritone for all 10 studies.
Upper part only, on Soprano for studies 1 - 3.
Lower part only, on Tenor for studies 1 - 3.


Eb/Eb or Bb/Bb


11 min

Performance Notes

These duets are ideally played by an Alto & Baritone saxophone, or a Soprano & Tenor saxophone.
They can however be played by other combinations of Eb or Bb instruments, but they must be an octave apart, e.g. Sopranino & Alto, or Tenor & Bass.

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