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Genres: Classical, Contemporary
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From the composer:
"My new Saxophone Concerto for Rob Buckland represents an important development in my own compositional direction. The soloist in this new music will be the individual dealing with life and society, the ensemble will be that very society. We are all touched by the highs and lows of our existence and the impact we have on others. Some of us suffer the lows privately and without notice and others react in a myriad of ways. In response to loved ones, friends and colleagues who have wrestled with issues of mental health, I dedicate this work plus much of the future activity of 'Environ Music', my music and education umbrella company. I anticipate committing a percentage of royalties from the concerto and funds from Environ Music initiatives towards Help Musicians UK.

Having played the Saxophone myself for over 45 years it seemed timely to pen a concerto for this most iconic instrument and to combine elements of improvisation with more formal compositional techniques. This is a musical language that has been forming over the years and now, I feel, is coming to fruition. I can think of no better player than Rob Buckland to animate my music.

The premiere took place at St Anne's, Limehouse, a Hawksmoor Anglican Church in Limehouse, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets on March 16th 2018 with the Docklands Sinfonia under Spencer Down

The wind orchestra version will be given by the Royal Air Force Music Service later in 2018."

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The piano reduction version is available in PDF edition from the 'Sax and Piano' section of our website.

To request the orchestral version, please contact


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