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The Lone Ar-ranger Goes Sax Mad!

saxophone ensemble edition

Genre: Classical
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The Lone Ar-ranger Goes Sax Mad!


'The Lone Ar-ranger' was originally written for recorders and piano, before appearing, some years later, on SibeliusMusic (formerly Scorch Music) in a setting for piano duet. Since then it has spawned a number of different versions, for wind band, brass band, light orchestra, sax quartet, saxophone ensemble and for sax trio.

It's a fun potpourri of familiar tunes which flash by, often tantalisingly quickly, based on the finale of the 'William Tell' Overture. For those young enough not to appreciate the title, Rossini's music was used as the signature tune for 'The Lone Ranger', one of the first Westerns to hit TV back in the early 1950s!

Edition Notes

This arrangement has been re-arranged for sax ensemble by Nigel Wood. The arrangement is flexible and but is scored for a minimum of eight players. There are alternative alto parts for soprano 2 and tenor 1 so it's ideal for loads of altos! Can be played using only one baritone and optional parts for sopranino, bari 2 and bass sax are included.

Please note: the various editions of The Lone Ar-ranger are not necessarily compatible or interchangeable.


(sno) s s/a a a a (a) t/a t b (b) (bs)


2 min, 45 sec

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