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Sax in the City

saxophone quartet edition

Genre: Latin
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Sax in the City


Composer's note:

'Sax In The City' started out as a piece illustrating the salsa genre to an outstanding pupil who needed some help in understanding compositional technique and had a different title "Salsa para Lauren".

It was later noticed that the "Montuno" section between letters A and B bore a passing resemblance to a certain TV series and so it was decided to change the name with a view to publishing the piece as a saxophone quartet.


s/a a t b


3 min, 15 sec

Performance Notes

1) Lower saxes be careful not to overpower the soprano when it has the melodic theme (Letters B, D, H and J) - a definite sotto voce is called for here.

2) Make sure that even quavers are used throughout (straight 8s) and that all articulations are accurately played especially staccatos and tenutos: this is very important in this style of music.

3) The 32 bar solo at letter F can be played by the alto or tenor player. The written solo is only an example realisation of the chord sequence, feel free to experiment.

4) Have fun!

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