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solo flute edition

Genre: Jazz


I'm speechless. This is fantastic music. An etude of the most challenging kind but, like the great studies of Bach, Debussy, or Bartok, this is completely captivating listening music. All the technique goes toward a committed (and wildly successful) musical end. The melodic sense is impeccable, even amidst the dazzling effects (like the illusion of two instruments in the duet for one passage), and rapidly flowing passagework. As with 'Saxtetics', the jazz feeling is strong, and brought out by sheer rhythmic energy and invention rather than patented jazz tricks of any kind. From this piece, Flautists can learn what their instrument can really do, orchestrators can learn the same, composers can learn how to construct a beautiful piece of music, with exemplary balance between the parts and logical flow (and with only a single line!). But most of all, anyone who loves music can hear once more what it sounds like at its most creative and joyous"
Dr. Michael Morse -, 8th Apr 2003

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