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From the Press

"I have to admit that as an ex-member of Saxtet, reviewing so much amazing new music for saxophone gave me a warm glow. Normally it takes a swim in a pool in Brunei without sun cream to do that so it was nice that there was no pain this time. We were often asked if we had sheet music after our gigs but I never imagined that it would lead to such an impressive repertoire list. Congratulations must go to Nigel Wood for guiding Saxtet Publications to the forefront of saxophone music publishing."
Gerard McChrystal, Clarinet & Saxophone Society (CASS) magazine

"Saxtet Publications"
Peter Nichols, Clarinet & Saxophone Society (CASS) magazine

"These arrangements are skilfully arranged, very well produced and should prove popular with all saxophone ensembles."
Clarinet & Saxophone Society (CASS) magazine

"The whole series is a welcome but different addition to the saxophone ensemble repertoire."
Clarinet & Saxophone Society (CASS) magazine

"...the ingenious arrangement of Bolero."
Birmingham Post, UK

" far the most memorable were Saxtet's own compositions which were original both in style and harmonic structure, exploiting the full extent of the instrument's range of timbre and dynamics"
Birmingham Post, UK

From Clients

"With the e-editions, I can hear and see the samples, and in minutes I can buy the pieces and print them. And I can do it some minutes before a rehersal. Great."
Carlos, Algarve Saxophone Ensemble, Portugal

"This website is excellent and the electronic system works really well. I downloaded the music I wanted to play and spent the rest of the afternoon getting my fingers around the solo in safer sax. I played most of these pieces whilst in 'Reed Fever' run by Chris Gumbley and they really are great compositions. "
Alison Meikle - January 2009

"Super work Nigel! Not only do you continue to offer cutting edge compositions, you also give us punters the opportunity to purchase in new and wacky ways! I love the e-edition concept! As someone who does a fair amount of educational work, it allows my students to download material with convenience and value for money! 'Vivre la sax...' "
John Meadows

"Saxtet Publications is a small company going from strength to strength, providing an ever-expanding range of clearly presented music for saxophone - all composed and arranged by enthusiastic and experienced players who have a real love and understanding of the instrument."
Music News, Wood Wind & Reed, May 2002

"Saxtet Publications... what a great site! Not only can I see the music, I can hear it too with the Scorch plug-in. Some pieces have Quicktime sound clips of saxophones performing to further help the selection process. Great customer service! I even wrote to ask questions about the music once I had it and got prompt responses. -- an innovative site for saxophone music with great people behind it."
Dan Ortega, USA client

"Saxtet is one of the best small publishers to appear on the scene in recent years. As the big companies gobble each other up, and seem to know less and less about the music they produce, Saxtet knows very well what it is doing. Their music is crafted for the saxophone by people who understand the instrument, their service is quick, and above all they put composer, title and instrumentation clearly on the cover. You would be surprised how rare that is."
June Emerson Wind Music, UK

"Saxtet Publications bietet ein phantastisches Programm auf professionelleste Art - kaum zu toppen!"
Liz Reinhardt, Herzogenaurach, Deutschland

"Saxtet Publications is a genuine treasure for professional saxophone quartets. The compositions are consistently of high quality, and they have good audience appeal."
Reginald Jackson, soprano saxophonist, Washington Saxophone Quartet, USA

"My ensemble, Saxpress, is greatly influenced by Saxtet and their arrangements. Saxtet music is both challenging for the musician, as well as entertaining for the listeners. The range of arrangements is also quite versatile, as we have used them for many different sorts of performances, ranging from weddings to public gigs to our own concerts. We have quite a respectable library of ensemble scores, but we've found the Saxtet pieces never stay untouched in the library for long. We always find ourselves performing them over and over again."
Bernard Choi, Saxpress, Singapore

"A very welcoming virtual meeting place for saxophonists of all nationalities and styles. It is interesting, informative, has a regularly updated newsletter and a great links page. I strongly recommend that you point your browser at it immediately and make sure you bookmark it. If you're serious about the saxophone, you'll want to visit often!"
Heather Reeve-Black, UK customer

"Saxtet Publications have been the mainstay of our programmes for ten years now. Whether it be original works or arrangements they are refreshingly different and sure-fire show stoppers. The educational materials are world-class as well - all the studies, duets and ensemble pieces have instant appeal and help to make teaching a breeze. The writing is idiomatic and imaginative and a real pleasure for audiences and players alike. Saxcess has had great satisfaction in performing Saxtet material in the great number of concerts presented throughout New Zealand and internationally over the past decade."
Saxcess, New Zealand - the world's most southerly quartet!

"I think that some of your music that you have put on this site is wonderful. I'm planning on getting my quartet together and buying a few of your songs. I'm also going to get myself a CD or two. Thank you so much. "
Kayla Kruse - USA customer

"I have found this website and its materials to be a great find for saxophone players. To everyone that looks for a piece I do recommend this site. "
Joseph Kuzdzal - USA - Student Musician

"I play in a saxophone quartet in portugal named "SAXa4" and we play a lot of works and arrangments from Saxtet Publications! They are great! our favorite composer is Mr. Nigel Wood! Congratulations!"
Claudio Ferreira

"What a delight to be able to download the music so effortlessly. Also, I appreciate being able to see and hear samples of the pieces one might consider buying. Great service, great website! Thanks again, "
Sally Catz

"Your pieces Tango and Celtic suite are the most amazing pieces I have ever played with my group!"
Calvin Alpers

"I ordered "Celtic Suite" for the quartet I am playing in. afte less than a week it arived. (in the Netherlands) A personal note was included as well as a free cd with the music I ordered. After playing the piece with my quartet we all came to the conclusion that it is a refreshing piece and much fun to play! I am very happy and content with Saxtet. Email reply is also very quick and to the point and personal. Please go on this way!!! "
Thea Philipse

"I bought Karen Street's "Street Collection". This is the first time I got the family playing together, sop, alto and two Euphoniums! Great fun, easy on the ear, grand dad liked it. I would like to request more easy pieces like this one. Since then bought the Bolero."
Frank Hoffmann

"I just wanted to express my thanks for your service; it has always been extremely prompt - and your range of music has always suited my quartet brilliantly. The complimentary CD with my last order was much appreciated. Thank you! "
Rachael Pickup

"A really user friendly website where i didn't have to ask for help! Well i can get around on the sax but the internet...!! Have formed a quartet where i live here in s.w.France and my french friends are most impressed with your site and adore your own compositions, i ordered an e copy of schwartzer tanzer as i had already played the solo version for grade 8, and they all love it. Many Thanks."
Anita Gordon

"Hi We just bought Witch Hunt to add to Pacific Nights, Safer Sax and Tango. THe audiences just love the rhythmic drive and great melodies of these charts. Kudos to all of you for publishing such great sax music! Canada loves you !! Victor Guy Saxalamode Sax4tet Vancouver Canada"
Victor Guy

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