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Trains, Steam Whistles and Radiator Pipes

By Jay A. Gach

'Wet your whistles' with this innovative, winning score of the Saxtet Publications Composition Competition 2004.

Trains, Steam Whistles and Radiator Pipes was first performed at the VIII British Saxophone Congress 2005 in association with The Clarinet & Saxophone Society of Great Britain and Birmingham Conservatoire, on Sunday 13th February 2005. Jay's piece was performed by the winners of our Saxophone Quartet Performers Competition - Contraste.

It’s a cliché that picking a single winner from a strong field is a daunting prospect, but the challenge was nevertheless a real one for the judging panel facing 35+ diverse, international entries for Saxtet Publications’ 2004 Composition Competition. Most of the scores were imaginative, many were well-crafted and the best had exciting performance potential, but Jay Anthony Gach's winning Trains, Steam Whistles and Radiator Pipes stood out for the way it combined all three qualities with such appealing and playable panache.

One of the reasons the judging panel were drawn to Jay's work was that they were pretty confident that sax quartets would actually enjoy playing it. However, saxophonists may not be entirely flattered by the inspiration behind the work:

"Now, - this is gonna' sound a little looney," explained Jay, "but when I listen to certain combinations of instruments they often remind me of natural or artificial environmental sounds. Saxophone ensembles often remind me of... you guessed it, Trains, Steam Whistles and Radiator Pipes!"

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