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Finally... A Beginning

Congratulations to Karen Street for the winning success of her new CD - Finally ... a Beginning. One of the compositions, In the Ballroom with the Rope took first prize at the London Accordion Festival Composition Competition, 2001.

It's great to see that the imagination and appeal of her writing translates so well to the accordion and has been recognised so promptly. If you would like to sample a few tracks from the CD take a look at our recordings page.

The CD has received widespread critical acclaim:

"Her debut CD, Finally ... a Beginning demonstrates not only Street's entirely successful adoption of an idiom initially foreign to her, but also a highly accomplished compositional gift. Judiciously interspersing solo pieces with duos involving either Fred T. Baker (on bass and acoustic guitars) or Stan Sulzmann (on soprano saxophone and flute), Street proves herself to be a thoughtful but vigorous soloist, intelligently exploiting all the considerable textural possibilities of her instrument with great aplomb."

Chris Parker - The Table, November 2001

Visit Karen's new website for more reviews and info about her work.