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Peter Nichols

A warm welcome to Peter Nichols, a saxophonist and clarinettist with a very active and varied performing career as soloist, ensemble member and orchestral player. He also has many educational interests, including teaching and examining, and is a director of the British Saxophone Congress.

Peter Nichols' new music Gamba, as it is known for short, is actually a transcription for tenor and piano of the four movements of Bach's Sonata No.2 in D for viola da gamba. This baroque instrument has much the same range as the tenor, resulting in this eloquent arrangement, which will provide a welcome addition both to the relatively limited repertoire specifically for tenor, and to the forthcoming GSMD saxophone syllabus at Grade 7.

While it's great to welcome new composers, it's also good to see new works from existing contributors, so check out Uli Schultheiss' tasty [rata'tui] (with free printable recipe) and funky TIME OUT, two new quartets from this versatile composer. TIME OUT will be premiered by the enterprising new UK quartet In toto next year.