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Richard Payne

Saxtet Publications would like to give a warm welcome to Richard Payne and his new Concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra, a substantial and exciting work. Nigel Wood heard the work on SibeliusMusic, and was immediately convinced that it would make a significant addition to the repertoire, especially for college students and other players who enjoy challenging, fulfilling music. Happily, Richard agreed to publication and is already involved in other projects with us, including preparation of a study for the forthcoming Sax Scorchers Study album.

Richard has been composing since he was at school and is currently working with the music notation software company, Sibelius, as a Technical Help Adviser.

Here he writes about his new concerto:

"This Saxophone concerto, written during my final year at Bristol University, was chosen for performance at the University Gala Concert in the summer of 1999, and was conducted by Dr. Adrian Beaumont with soloist Will Vinson.

"The concerto explores the full range of the alto saxophone and exploits some of its unique characteristics in both fast and slow passages. Although I'm not a player, I was attracted to the alto's remarkable ability to soar through even a heavily orchestrated passage with ease and then fade into the background to merge with the accompaniment. In particular, the warm, broad lower range of the instrument conjured up all kinds of possibilities for an interesting orchestration. Its flexibility in the faster passages invoked endless ideas, which I hope I have used in a manner that has made the concerto accessible, enjoyable to play, but at the same time, a challenge."

Richard has also produced a piano reduction of the work, suitable for rehearsal purposes, or for performance in its own right.

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