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June Emerson Wind Music

This month's feature is on June Emerson Wind Music, where you can order our music with your credit card.

"JUNE EMERSON WIND MUSIC was founded in 1971 as a specialist supplier of music for wind instruments. EMERSON EDITION, the publishing section, came into being during the next year. It was at the time when the teaching of wind instruments in schools was just beginning to expand and the need for a good source of printed music was urgently needed. It was also the time when people were beginning to take the saxophone seriously.

"Our stock of saxophone music has probably been the fastest area of expansion over the years. We now hold 2,500 works in stock, and the list is growing daily as new works are published.

"We send music all over the world. Ordering by post, fax or e-mail has made this much simpler during recent years. Payment by credit card has also speeded things up and we now feel as if all our customers are within arm's reach, from Trinidad to Oman, from Argentina to Japan."

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