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Under the Veil

saxophone ensemble edition

Composed by: Nigel Wood
Genre: World/Ethnic


"Under the Veil" is an original work by Nigel Wood, with inspiration taken from traditional Iranian wind music using eastern sonorities. First conceived for his group Saxtet, Nigel has subsequently expanded the work, arranging it for solo clarinet or saxophone and orchestra, and now here with saxophone ensemble accompaniment. This version includes sopranino saxophone, bass saxophone, and percussion parts - although performers are free to use what instrumentation they have available. Most of the work is in the form of a simple repetitive groove in the baritone, over which the solo soprano plays a smooth melodic line based on a very simple theme. The music builds and falls with the use of dynamics and bringing in more voices from the saxophone ensemble. As the music gets louder, the soloist plays big flourishes of notes, but the initial theme remains. The soprano soloist needs to have good control over the instrument, with odd tricky moments such as a trill on top F#, but the other parts should be playable by a good student ensemble and well worth playing.
Sarah Markham, CASS Magazine, Spring 2003

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